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‘Two Murders An Hour’ by James Sturbridge

When Marcus Lawn and his wife Samantha go on holiday in a remote English village they receive a shock that threatens their marriage. They discover two dead bodies on their first morning there. They decide to leave and are warned by the local police force that they are under suspicion.

The bodies start to stack up.

Finding themselves at the centre of a conspiracy, they realise both killer and police are after them. It seems Marcus has kept secrets from Samantha and she begins to suspect her predicament is the result of his lies. She has to confront something in her own past to find out the truth.

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‘The Spinner’ by Marcus Leary

Captain Norm retries to a nursing home after a distinguished career in the navy.

He finds that certain things are not right with the home.Investigation leads him to the discovery that he is in a high security mental institution.

Unable to escape, he contacts a friend and is told that he is there for a series of multiple murders

Convinced of his innocence he escapes and finds himself at the heart of a dark plot by his family.


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‘The Chaser’ by Lawrence Naples

Alone and poverty stricken Morris Blake discovers something nasty in the cellars of his house.

He keeps the secret to himself until, stressed by the vandalism of the local villagers, he uses it to his advantage.

Years of injustice drive him to the brink and he takes revenge for all the wrongs he has suffered.

He takes over the small village with dark consequences for those who taunted him.

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