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‘Why We Watch Horror’ by John Smart

A psychological study of the motivations behind our cinematic fascination with horror films.

John Smart looks at the egoic need for fear as a comfort mechanism and the flight from reality.

Using psychoanalytic paradigms he digs into the historical origins of the need and draws some interesting parallels with previous civilisations while analysing leading films.



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‘Neo Noir’ by Emmanuel Zine

A leading study in new noir, Emmanuel Zine looks at the history of noir cinema and the new version of the genre.

He finds that it is a versatile and evolutionary genre which adapts easily to technological change and inherits cultural shifts.

He discusses the films with expertise and looks at the changes in the way noir uses character.

He looks at the areas it shares with other types of cinema and sees its appeal as lying in its lack of formula.

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‘Safe Crime’ by Russell Williams

This study on crime cinema looks at the array of genres and ask the question do they appeal because they allow the audience to watch things they would otherwise abhor from a safe distance.

It takes leading films from the past decades and looks at them alongside the cultural events that surrounded them.

It also compares the genre to other cinematic forms.

Russell Williams draws some surprising conclusions about the enduring popularity of crime films.

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‘Noir Cinema’ by Leonard Nickel

This history of noir cinema covers every film. It discusses the development of the genre within a historical context.

Each chapter discusses the leading films of each generation. They contain detailed synopses of plots.

The study moves into the modern era with an explanation of how noir cinema has changed.

It discusses the politics behind the genre and asks the question whether to has fallen prey to cultural constraints it was previously unencumbered by.

Leonard Nickel shows just how distinctive noir cinema is.

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